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'Dabang Mumbai', coined in reference to the fighting spirit of the Maharashtra region, 'Dabang' is an expression of the irrepressible spirit of victory.

Dabang Mumbai HC (DMHC) is also known as ‘The Alphas’. Like all Alphas, our Dabangs represent the most dominant, powerful, or assertive man in any group and are a symbol of power and strength.

The Dabang Mumbai HC logo has 3 attributes to it. The wings symbolize the wings of an Eagle, the shield is a symbol of a warrior & the gold represents the desire to always be the #1 team.

Dabang Mumbai HC encapsulates the spirit of the Western Regions of India as it is the only team that covers the key regions of Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat in the HIL. Our endeavor is to spread the National Sport into every corner of the country and make us a proud nation with the right spirit of sportsmanship. Some of the greatest hockey players in the country hail from Maharashtra and we at Dabang Mumbai have made it our goal to continue in this tradition. We have a state of the art home arena, the Mahindra Hockey Stadium, with a seating capacity of over 5,000 people.

In the past, DMHC had tied up with Bloemendaal Hockey Club, one of the world’s most renowned clubs in Netherlands in order to promote hockey at the grassroots level and initiated many ‘Coach the Coach’ programs in order to sustain the program all year round. Special coaching workshops are conducted by DHMC annually to build further on the programs conducted in the previous years. Taking our endeavours one step further in 2017, DMHC has tied up with Hockey Australia to provide budding hockey players the experience of international standard coaching experience, multiple coach the coach programs and will be distributing world class hockey equipment to all its participants.

Being by far the most socially responsible team in the Hockey India League, Dabang Mumbai HC has tied up with multiple NGOs to highlight their initiatives, namely- Astrengung United- an NGO that teaches underprivileged children hockey and football on the streets of Matunga, Mumbai. BNHS-an environmental protection NGO that has been promoting the cause of nature conservation for the past 133 years. PETA- an NGO that fights for animal rights, we will be highlighting their initiative to sterilize dogs. Magic Bus- an NGO that’s based on creating a better live for underprivileged children. Through CRY- Child Rights & You, we will be highlighting the initiative of supporting the girl child.

Dabang Mumbai HC is a venture of DoIT Sports Management India Pvt. Ltd. Founded by Ms. Radha Kapoor, a creative entrepreneur and the only female team owner in the league. Ms. Kapoor is a great advocate for promoting the spirit of women entrepreneurship and leads by example. DoIT Sports Management (India) Pvt Ltd was incorporated as a part of DoIT Creations Group with the vision of promoting sports, athletes, youth activities and sports facilities and events across India.

The Eagle resonates Dabang

The eagle symbolizes perspicacity, courage, strength and immortality, but is also considered "king of the skies" and messenger of the highest Gods. With these attributed qualities the eagle became a symbol of power and strength.

Mythologically, it has been connected by the Greeks with the God Zeus, by the Romans with Jupiter, by the Germanic tribes with Odin, by the Judeo Christian scriptures with those who hope in God, and in Christian art with Saint John the Evangelist.


Jay Stacy

Jay Stacy is a former Australian hockey player, having represented his country in four Summer Olympics, winning a silver and two bronze medals.

DoIT Sports Management (India) Pvt Ltd

DoIT Sports Management (India) Pvt Ltd was incorporated as a part of DoIT Creations Group with the vision of promoting sports, athletes, sports facilities and events across India. The company entered the Indian sports eco-system with its first acquisition in the Pro Kabaddi League 2014 with the purchase of the Delhi franchise – ‘Dabang Delhi’. DoIT Creations has established the Indian School of Design and Innovation (‘ISDI’) in Mumbai in collaboration with Parsons - The New School for Design, New York in 2013. DoIT recently acquired a strategic stake in the established Business World (BW) magazine. With Dabang Mumbai, DoIT Sports entered into Hockey India League with the primary focus towards development and growth of Indian hockey. DoIT Sports is also committed to support women’s sports development programs across the sports demographic dividend of India.

Mumbai Hockey Association Stadium

Dhule Panchayat Road
New Marine Lines, Churchgate
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020